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Winter Planting

Now that we have had another warm September and the temperatures don't seem to be dropping, the soil is warm (and slightly damp - nothing new there!) so now is great time to order those large shrubs, hedging and trees. PSGD has been racking up the orders with various brilliant suppliers around the UK who specialise in specimen plants and trees backed with important and detailed planting knowledge.

An often over-looked area of ordering large specimens is the logistics of getting the plants into the garden. Have you got enough people to help get them off the lorry? Do you need machinery to assist? Is the access wide enough? Can the delivery truck even off load safely in the area? There is so much to plan and consider for along side the plant selections and communications with the on site Landscapers.

Please feel free to call me if you are interested in finding out more about Plant sourcing, ordering or specimen identification for Winter Planting.

Below pic is courtesy of Gardenista.

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